Cutting room

Contamos con una gran Sala de despiece, que es nuestro punto fuerte, ya que nos dedicamos a tratar todo tipo de carne de la tierra de Salamanca, como por ejemplo la ternera de Salamanca y el cerdo ibérico.

All meat is despieced, cut and packaged through a rigorous process in our facilities, to give best quality to our clients

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Productos refrigerados

In Todo Alimentación, we also like  fresh refrigerated products; so we have a refrigerated chamber to products like fluid egg, pickles, creams, cheeses and uncured sausage, etc. 

Fruits and vegetables Store

In our fruits and vegables  store first quality and nature products, all our products are  extra quality.

We know fruits and vegatables are importants, so we keep ideal temperatures for their conservation

Like Spanish proverb: <<Fruta y camino diario, y llegaras al centenario>>.

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Multipurpose Warehouse

Our warehouse has more than 2,000 square meters dedicated to the storage of food in Horeca format: preserves, pasta, oils, legumes, rice, milk, juices, ...

We have wide range of products upper 2000 references, we always being attentive to new products in catering bussiness .

Logistic and cold equipment

We have 12 delivery vehicles in Salamanca and province, with full equip isotherm y cold equipment for the best preservation, from the moment vehicles out until it reaches the warehouses of our customer.

We also have an external delivery company to send our products to anywhere in Spain, Portugal and France..

Delivery time in less than 24 hours for all our sale orders.

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The better meat with Salamanca quality.


Restaurant and catering price   


Delivery service in less than 24 hours anywhere in Spain, Portugal and France